Questback Survey Questionnaire

Hello! This is the place where you can nominate people and products for our Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business Awards 2020. It’s a super simple process and this site will walk you through the steps.

There are 16 categories in which you can highlight the great and good in your world - we can’t wait to place the things you love in the limelight they deserve at our 2020 Awards event!

All nominations need to be up to date and relevant to the last 12 months please.

You can only put forward one nomination at a time. If you would like to make more than one nomination, whether in the same category or a different one, you can re-enter the survey and repeat the process (there's an option to do this on the last page).

All we need are your contact details, who (or what) you're nominating, your reasons why, and some imagery, PDFs and web links that will convince our expert panel that you’re onto a winner.

We’ll be in touch if you make our shortlist, or if we need to find out more.

Victory is but a few clicks away... Thanks for taking part!

Daniel Griffiths,
Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business

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